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What a Glob Blend is and Why You Should Make One.

A glob blend is a very simple and cheap but large blend that you can use in times that you wouldn't normally want to use your other nicer blends for. As the name implies, one of those situations might be that you want to take a huge glob when hanging out with friends on an occasion.

Here are all the uses I have for my glob mix, then I'll teach you how to get your own started very easily.

  • Large dabs (globs)

  • Edibles

  • For use as a faux-cnoid in other blends. Very easy way to introduce lots of minor %s into blends without breaking the bank.

  • For use as a base to start other blends.

  • Fun to look at

Materials recommended:
  • High-Quality Large canning style jar

  • Large Jar of CBD

  • Large Jar of D8

  • Any blends, terps, and raw noids that you arent too fond of

  • A gram or two from blends you have plenty of

  • If you can afford it, some CRD CBD

  1. After that, you can refer to this tutorial on how to blend this all up. I recommend a fairly high heat as working with this much can be a pain but its very worth it.

  2. You're done!

And there you have it, your very own enormous glob mix for a good deal. Enjoy.


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