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Safety Information

All the safety information you need to get into classical cannabinoids.
Classical Cannabinoid Safety In a vacuum.jpg
Classical Cannabinoid Safety (in a Vacuum)

Talking about cannabinoid safety assuming that all the cannabinoids I’m going to mention were properly made.

Navigating The Current State of The Industry.jpg
Navigating The Current State of The Industry

Information about navigating the world of cannabinoids in its current unregulated state. Learn how to spot red flags and protect yourself.

Acetylated Cannabinoid Safety Study Response.jpg
Acetylated Cannabinoid Safety / Study Response

A response to the study out of the University of Portland about acetylated cannabinoids and their safety profile.

Acetylated Cannabinoid Survey  results.png
Acetylated Cannabinoid Safety Community Survey

I surveyed the community to see how everyone felt about vaping acetylated cannabinoids - here is a breakdown of the results.

What are spice and k2.jpg
What are “Spice” and “K2”

Information about the difference between classical cannabinoids and things that are considered to be "spice" and "K2" by the general public

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