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How To Blend Cannabinoids & Terps (Simple)

Click to Watch Video Tutorial (out of date, this post is more accurate, will redo)
  • Mug Warmer or candle warmer

  • Titanium dabber

  • Your Cannabinoids and Terps for your Blend

  • Calculator

  • Jar that is at least 5-10mls larger than the blend you are making

  • Paper

  • Pencil

  1. Calculate the blend % you can do this
    ou can use the blend calculator in the tools section.OR yourself by dividing the number of grams of each cannabinoid by the total weight of the blend (Grams/Total weight=%)

  2. Weigh your blend jar (without lid) before you add anything anything to it. Write down and save this number. You will need it for calculating percentages in the future if you decide to add to the blend down the line.

  3. Turn on your Mug warmer to 180F+ or light the candle on your wax warmer

  4. Place your most viscous or hardest to work with cannabinoids in the blend jar. Weigh the jar after, and subtract that weight from the tear weight of the jar to get the gram amount. It’s always easier to add more than to take cannabinoids out, so make sure to add your cannabinoids slowly to make sure not to overfill.

  5. Repeat for every very viscous ingredient.

  6. Place your glass container on the heated surface.

  7. Allow to sit on heat for a few minutes, sirring occasionally. Usually, I like to take this time to design the label. Make sure to include the NLTW (no lid tear weight) you wrote down earlier, alongside a spot for the final gram amount. Just put in filler numbers for the blend percentages for the time being.

  8. After the liquid becomes homogonous, add your less viscous cannabinoids in one at a time, making sure to weigh the jar and stir lightly on heat after every addition. The jar may be hot, so using some sort of heat protection is advised.

  9. Stir more aggressively until the whole jar is homogonous

  10. Take off heat

  11. Once the outside of the jar is cool enough to touch, you can mix in your terps just like you did everything else. The cooler you go with your terp infusion the better it will taste, but with a colder terp infusion you might end up with a non-homogeneous blend for a few days while the terps evenly dissipate 

  12. Weigh again (no lid), subtract this number from the NLTW, and you have your # of grams

  13. Put on lid

  14. Tape label on jar

  15. Done!

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