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Structure of HHC-H

(Hydrogenated Hexyl THC)

Effects (Community)

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Effects (For Me)
  • Euphoric

  • Heavy Body High

  • Strong Head High

  • Sedating

  • Calming

  • Feels a lot like HHC-P with a shorter duration

Average High Length


Come-up: 30-60 Minutes

Peak: 1-2 Hours

Comedown: 1-2 Hours

Afterglow: 1-2 Hours


Come-up: 30 Minutes-90 Minutes

Peak: 1-3 Hours

Comedown: 1-3 Hours

Afterglow: 1-3 Hours

Dosage Sizes

It should be noted that HHC-H is best enjoyed in a blend. I don't recommend vaping it raw other than once or twice for curiosities sake.


Threshold: 2.5-5mg

Low dose: 5-7mg

Avg dose: 7-15mg

Strong dose: 15mg+


Threshold: 2-4mg

Low dose: 4-7mg

Avg dose: 7-10mg

Strong dose: 10mg+

Best known for:

Being a very body high and euphoria heavy noid that hits faster than THC-P but slower than THC-B. Power level lies between the two as well. Unlike THC-H, HHC-H is not stimulating at all and is more calm.


HHC-H has a high viscosity. It is hard to push out of a syringe at room temperature.

Is it a phytocannabinoid? (naturally occurring cannabinoid)

HHC-H is a not phytocannabinoid (as far as we know - it could be found but it has not been found yet).

My Opinion

I'm a fan of HHC-H - it's another strong noid that lies between THC-B and D9 THC-P in potency just like its non hydrogenaded counterpart. It is very similar in feeling to THC-H, with the high euphoria and body high being the highlights. However, HHC-H is much more chilled out than THC-H. The feeling of not being able to think clearly is gone as well. The price and availability of this noid are the two biggest problems it has, being only carried by Gilded and Voluntate. The prices also leave something to be desired when the phorol noids can be had for cheaper and they are stronger.


Other notes:


Let the community know what you think about this cannabinoid!

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