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Blending Starter Kit ($100 - $250)

A starter kit for people who want to try and get introduced to the world blending for $100 - $250. Real fancy stuff.

Option 1:​ Beauty Is Expensive.
  • CHWARES Food Scale 0.1G ($15) [Amazon]

  • COSORI Mug Warmer & Coffee Cup Warmer ($30) [Amazon]

  • Lathe Spun Ti Wax Carving Tool ($70) [SophisticatedTools on Etsy]

  • 14Pcs Stainless Steel Lab Spatula Micro Scoop Reagent Laboratory Mixing Spatula ($12) [Amazon]

  • 4x Hand Blown RTS/Glass /Baller jar /2oz ($100) [TheHerbalStashery on Etsy]

  • BIGIVACA 1.5 oz Hexagon Glass Jars with Golden Lids Set of 48 ($20) [Amazon]

Cost: $247

This setup is fancy and pretty as all heck. The more seasoned among you may notice that I'm not including a magnetic stir plate, but honestly, I love the control that hand blending gives you. The amount of textures you can make when hand mixing are practically infinite.

The scale has not been upgraded from the previous tiers simply because it doesn't need to be. 0.1G is just about as accurate as you need a scale to be when blending.

The dabber is hand-spun wood and titanium. I love the work this seller does, but you aren't limited to just that choice. Search "Wax carving tool" on Etsy to find all sorts of fun options. I also included the 14-pack of various-sized dabbers to use in special circumstances where you wouldn't want to use your fancy dabber.

The jars are absolutely beautiful. There are lots of colors to choose from and they are a great way to show off your fancy blends. I also have the traditional jars in there for more capacity.

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