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Blend Inspiration

A look at blends I've used in the past
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When it comes to this hobby, blending is my favorite thing to do (as you can probably tell). There are just so many different combinations of cannabinoids that you can use to achieve a vast array of effects.

But for me, that isn't even the best part - I love the ritual of it all. It's a very relaxing a fun time to put on some music and get blending. I always cold mix everything I can for the sake of texture control and I like to take a break from blending midway through to create the labels you see below. While you might think it's a waste of time to do this for your blends, I highly encourage you to do it. Not only is it a lot of fun, it's also a good way to forge an association in your brain between the label of the blend and its effects. If you get a few blends at once that are all unlabeled it's very easy to forget what's what.

Want to print out your own labels? You can with this paper on any normal printer. It's not laminated so not waterproof but works great for this. You can also just tape printer paper on top or on the side.


Click here to download the Photoshop template I made and use for these.

Don't want to use Photoshop? Check out the label maker I made here on the site

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