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About This Website

Hi! My name online is Turkey, and I am the creator of this website. Everything that is on this website is written by me unless stated otherwise. I am not and will not ever be sponsored by any cannabinoid company. This website is for people who love this hobby or are trying to get some relief, not for companies trying to take a buck.

A Quick Q&A

What made me make this site?

There are three reasons:
The first is obvious if you've had the displeasure of trying to search Google for pretty much any answer about this stuff that isn't written by an SEO company for their client who is trying to sling gummies. This means most of these writers have never in their life vaped the thing they are writing about. It's all Chat GPT-sounding answers and recanned Wikipedia articles that tell you nearly nothing. I wanted there to be a place for people like me to go and get answers for niche questions without being sold to every 5 seconds.

The second reason was to improve the quality of conversation in the discord and prevent the same questions being asked over and over by newbies.

Finally, the third and most important reason was to educate myself. I am learning along the way, and when I write down things I learn it helps when it comes to remembering it.

Are you qualified in any way?

No. I have been smoking weed for 11 years now and dabbing for about 7, but I have no kind of formal scientific education whatsoever. Everything on this site is me attempting to document cannabinoids the best a fella like me can.

Do you profit from this site in any way?


Do you ever intend to profit?

I have no idea. I will not paywall information, but I may in the future paywall entertainment. If I do this, I will make it plenty affordable and worthwhile. I also may consider making some kind of physical art available here.

Will there ever be ads?

I will not have ads that promote anyone's company or any kind of Google ads or anything like that.
I may promote my own art or some other project I'm working on here at some point, however.

Will you ever make videos again?

Yes. Episode 1 of Great Concentrates comes out on January 1st.

What's up with the "widget failed to load" error that shows up sometimes, forcing me to reload the page?

I don't know but it is driving me crazy. I don't KNOW! Do you know? I don't! 

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