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Structure of D8 THC
My Opinion

D8 THC is a noid I feel gets written of quickly by most people in this space. While on its own its harsh and lacks a certain "fullness" to the blend, there is no denying that D8 hits quickly for a very cerebral high in a way the other noids don't. As I will talk about below, this make it not so great for use on its own but it can do a lot of work in a blend. 


Another thing to note about D8 is that it's cheap as hell - as of writing this you can snag it for 60 cents a gram. Crazy stuff.

What can D8 THC do for a blend?
  • Add an initial quick hit - easy way to make the beginning of the high more exciting 

  • D8 provides a good high for a daytime or work blend alongside stimulating noids like CBG and THCv 

  • Good to pair with the acetates for the head high and quick hit they are lacking

Other notes:


Delta 8 Tetrahydrocannabinol 
(Delta 8 THC)

Effects (Community)

Average High Length


Come-up: 1-15 Minutes

Peak: 30-60 Minutes

Comedown: 30 Minutes - 1 Hour

Afterglow: 1-3 Hours


Come-up: 30-60 Minutes

Peak: 1-3 Hours

Comedown: 1-2 Hours

Afterglow: 2-3 Hours

Dosage Sizes


Threshold: 5-10mg

Low dose: 10-30mg

Avg dose: 30-60mg

Strong dose: 60mg+


Threshold: 3-5mg

Low dose: 5-15mg

Avg dose: 15-35mg

Strong dose: 35mg+

Best known for:

Being the most common alt cannabinoid - a version of D9 THC that lacks its strong body high and stoney-ness.


D8 THC has a High viscosity. It can be pushed out of a syringe at room temperature.

Is it a phytocannabinoid? (naturally occurring cannabinoid)

D8 THC is a phytocannabinoid

Effects (For me)
  • Head high

  • Fuzzy-faced feeling

  • Energetic
  • Lacking in body high
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Comments (3)

May 10

D8 is boring for me, HHC is a million times better


May 07

Probably my favorite functional noid, such that I am able to function while also feeling the effects of it. Personally, it puts me into what I call a "philosopher high", such that I begin to ponder even the most simple of things to gain a better understanding of the world around me.


Feb 16

Delta 8 the staple and OG of the alt-noid community. Delta 8 was many of our first intros to alt-noids and for good reason. Versatile, Cheap, and Enjoyable. 0.80% as strong as D9 (roughly) It is a good headspace for anything! Relaxing, Sleep, Work, Fun, Weirdness, Fiends, Wizards, Laser owners, AI freaks you name it D8 can enhance it, 10/10 noid

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