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Cannabinoid Tier List & Analysis

Updated: Feb 17


This is not a power level chart, this is more about the general enjoyment derived from the noid as well as a look at how effectively each noid can "do it's job" in a blend.


  • Strongest/longest lasting

  • Super couch locked, mind slowed, very d9 edible like but stronger

  • Well priced

  • Can vary in quality based on R % values

  • Stands on its own as well as in blends



  • Very strong/long lasting

  • Can vary in quality based on R % values

  • Varies in price, but can be found at a good one most of the time.

  • Couch lock, chilled out, mind slowed, edible like high

Delta 9 (Regular ol' weed)

  • It's good. I know it, you know it, lets move on.

  • Very strong/long lasting

  • Floaty, dreamlike high. Very cerebral.

  • Well priced


  • Strong, lasts quite a while

  • Kind of speedy, creative high

  • Overhyped in marketing (these all are but THC-P was the first one to really go there hard imo)



  • D9's hydrogenated counterpart

  • Feels very D9 like, the most so of the base noids I've tried

  • Power is around 2/3 of D9 with less anxiety

  • Calm and serene feeling


  • D8 THC-O's big brother, feels very similar to the relationship between D8 and D9

  • Dreamy, floaty high - mostly a head high

  • Best when paired with other noids

  • Slow comeup and comedown

  • Feels just a bit weaker than D9, despite the marketing trying to cram the idea of 3x D9 down your throat


  • Strong, about 3/5 potency of D9 THC-P

  • Hits very quick

  • Thick

  • Feels like a Phorol noid combined with d8 and CBG - good to frontload blends with


  • Strong, about 3/5 potency of D9 THC-P

  • Slightly stimulating

  • Head buzz

  • Thick

  • "All over the place" type feeling


  • Strong, about 4/5 potency of D9 THC-P

  • Much more chilled out than THC-H

  • Calming compared to THC-H

  • Spaced out feeling

  • Face tingles


  • Weaker than D9 THC-P, but still strong

  • Feels like the midpoint between D9 THC-P and HHC-P

  • Deeper body stone than D9 THC-P

  • Starting to be found at good prices


  • Same basic effects as HHC, but takes longer to hit and lasts longer

  • A tad stronger than HHC

  • Tastes bad (many compare it to burnt rubber)

  • Best in blends under at concentrations of 30% due to flavor


  • Incredibly hard to work with - stays solid until around 170f

  • This is one of the noids that your liver produces when you eat HHC

  • Vaped effects are very similar to HHC edibles, just hits quicker. Strength sits in between the acetates and the H noids.

  • Overpriced (imo)



  • Some batches taste like vinegar

  • Feels like a dreamlike, floatier version of d8

  • Needs other noids to support it

  • Lacks depth

  • Pairs well with D8

Delta 8

  • Hits quick

  • Cerebral High

  • Lacks Depth

  • Cheap as hell

  • Needs other noids to support it

  • Pairs well with THC-O


Delta 6a10a

  • Usually sold as D10 or inside of D10 as it is a byproduct of it's production that is very hard to avoid. (which is the reason D10 isn't on this list, I've yet to see someplace with truly pure D10, no matter what their marketing might have you believe)

  • Gives many headaches

  • Not strong

  • Not worth it at all imo.

CNOID Tier List

S Tier


CBC is a calming potentiator, and also thin, making it great for carts and blends. CBC has a similar calming effect to CBD, but more intense.

  • Very calming

  • Great potentiator

  • Good for making carts


CBDo is a great potentiator and a very unique noid. If you are familiar with the dreamlike qualities of THC-O, CBDo adds much of that to any blend you add it to. It does not cause a high like THCo, but when added to a blend it certainly adds some elements that feel very similar to it. Very smooth and a great thinner.

  • Dreamlike

  • Anxiety Relief

  • Potentiator

  • "All over the place" feeling


H4CBD is the hydrogenated form of CBD. It's known to be very thick at room temp and the flavor is somewhere between rubber, plastic, and rubbing alcohol - leaving a lot to be desired. Definitely hard on the throat. Just as harsh as D8. You feel H4CBD right in your face and it gives you a large amount of couch lock. Not super great as a functional Cnoid, but great to intensify your stronger blends. Some have reported it as being mildly psychoactive, but far more people do not feel this effect.

  • Couch Lock

  • Calming

  • Face feels "fuzzy"

  • Potentiator

  • Thick, so a good amount of thinner is needed if you want to have a cart with high %'s of H4CBD

A Tier


CBT is a very unique noid. It feels like no other noid, giving you a very scatterbrained, all-over-the-place type feeling. It also potentiates in a very similar fashion to CBC, just in a far less calming manner. Great thinner as well.

  • All over the place, scatterbrained type feeling

  • Great potentiator

  • Great for making carts


CBD-V is a great noid for focus without all the stimulation of THC-V or CBG. CBD-V is a more relaxed focus enhancer than CBG or THC-V, making it a good choice for those with anxiety.

  • Focus

  • Potentiator

  • Calming in some, Stimulating in others


CBNo is the acetylated version of CBN. It is even more powerfully sleep-inducing than CBN but takes longer to hit. The onset can be very rapid, causing a lot of drowsiness very quickly. CBNo can also potentiate a blend quite a bit.

  • Extremely sleep inducing

  • Takes a while to hit

  • Helps with anxiety

  • Potentiator


CBD-P is the phorol version of CBD. It is much stronger and requires far less to be active and lasts longer than CBD too - effects for pain seem to be amazing. I had made a blend for my grandmother's pain issues and it helped but she needed many pills throughout the day. After I added 9% CBD-P to the blend she only needs 1 pill a day and she says it works even better. Little to no recreational value though making the 50-dollar price tag quite hard to swallow, but it's still A tier in my book because of how effective it is. Sad to not see more of it on the market.

  • Very good pain relief

  • Improved balance

  • Moderate anxiety relief

  • Expensive

B Tier


CBG is a very stimulating noid, so much so that it can cause anxiety in those prone to it. CBG is also a great appetite suppressant, making it a good weight loss helper. CBG is good for focus as well.

  • Stimulating

  • Appetite Suppressant

  • Focus

  • Potentiator


CBN is first and foremost sleep-inducing. That is its main role when it is present - however, CBN can also help with anxiety and muscle relaxation.

  • Sleep inducing

  • Help with anxiety

  • Relaxing

  • Potentiator

C Tier


CBD is the most common Cnoid on the market today. CBD is very good for a wide variety of issues, such as pain relief, help with anxiety, muscle relaxation and much more. CBD is a very versatile noid.

  • Calming

  • Good for pain relief

  • Helps with anxiety

  • Cheap

  • Good Blend Filler

D/F Tier

In my opinion there are no cnoids that fit the D/F category. They are all good in their own ways.



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