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Acetylated Cannabinoid Survey Results

Updated: May 23, 2023

I surveyed the community to see how everyone felt about vaping acetylated cannabinoids - here is a breakdown of the results.

Raw data here if you want to do some analysis of your own.

Question 1:

Results (Sorted Highest to Lowest)

Never, the health concerns worry me: 29.2%

Many times daily: 27%

1-4 times a week:18.8%

4-6 times a week: 12.5%

Never, I'm not interested/they don't work for me: 6%

Once daily: 6%


30% off all people who took this quiz never vape acetates because they are worried for their health - honestly with how I see people talk about it on reddit I would have figured more people would answer that way. Vocal minority I suppose.

Question 2:

Results (Sorted Highest to Lowest)

1-4 times a week: 42.6%

Never, I'm not interested/they don't work for me: 31.9%

Many times daily: 10.6%

Never, the health concerns worry me: 10.6%

4-6 times a week: 4.3%

Once daily: 0%


I am surprised to see how many people use edibles! I thought these numbers would be far lower. Also very interesting to me to see that there is a crowd of people out there that are worried about eating acetates - I wonder what they think will happen...

Question 3:

Results (Sorted Highest to Lowest)

I do not vape acetylated cannabinoids: 25%

Pure with terps: 16.7%

Blended, usually at 40% -50%: 10.4%

Blended, usually at 20% - 30%: 10.4% Pure: 8.3%

Blended, usually at 80% - 90%: 6.3%

Blended, usually at 50% - 60%: 6.3%

Blended, usually at 30% - 40%: 6.3%

Blended, usually at 10% - 20%: 6.3%

Blended, usually under 10%: 2.1%

Blended, usually at 60% - 80%: 2.1%


Did not expect so many people to be vaping pure or pure with terps - I suppose in hindsight it makes sense - not everyone likes to blend like lots of us do. Just feels like wasted potential to vape it pure to me TBH. Love to see that the majority of the rest of the people are taking the advice on this site though with the 20%-50% range being 20.8% of the crowd.

Question 4:

Results (Sorted Highest to Lowest)

No: 53.2%

I do not vape acetylated cannabinoids: 25.5%

Yes, I always vape through water: 10.6%

Yes, but only about half the time: 10.6%


Around double the amount of people choose to not vape acetates through water vs without. I suspect that 53% are all using carts with maybe one or two people with a nectar collector or something. The cart market is so big man its nuts.

Question 5:

Results (Sorted Highest to Lowest)

400F and below: 48.9%

I do not vape acetates: 25.5%

400F - 500F: 19.1%

600F - 700F: 4.3%

700F - 800F: 2.1%

900F - 1000F: 0%

I combust my acetylated cannabinoids: 0%


Wow! How far we've come from the days of red-hot titanium bangers. I knew this was going to be reasonably not too hot, but I did not expect almost 50% of people to be vaping cooler than me. I guess that makes sense when you take into account that last stat. Lots of cart usage without water filtration is def a low temp kind of situation. Yall got me feeling like I'm playing it fast and loose out here dabbing at 600F on the enail lol.

Question 6:

Results (Sorted Highest to Lowest)

I do not vape acetylated cannabinoids: 32.7%

1g - 3g: 18.4%

0g - 0.5g: 16.3%

6g - 10g: 16.3%

0.5g - 1g: 6.1%

3g - 6g: 6.1%

10g - 15g: 2%

25g+: 2%

15g - 20g: 0%

20g - 25g: 0%


Honestly, with the group this survey was shared with, I'm really surprised to see how many of yall are casual and responsible smokers - Good for ya!

Question 7:

Results (See above)



Interesting to see not many people are able to say they are fully confident vaping acetates even though they do it. 53.1% voted 5 or lower, which contrasts with the 65-70% of people we've observed in this survey who do vape acetates - that means around 20-25% of people who are vaping acetates have a level of confidence of 5 or lower, which is very intriguing. I guess they just don't care about their health or something. Very interesting decision.

Question 8:

Results (Sorted Highest to Lowest)

I do not eat acetylated cannabinoids: 38.8%

1g - 3g: 16.3%

0g - 0.5g: 16.3%

0.5g - 1g: 10.2%

3g - 6g: 10.2%

6g - 10g: 6.1%

10g - 15g: 2%

15g - 20g: 0%

20g - 25g: 0%

25g+: 0%


People aren't eating as much as they are vaping. Not all that surprising. Don't have anyone on the super heavy end of things like we did with vaping either.

Question 9:

Results (Sorted Highest to Lowest)

I think it's probably okay. I vape acetates daily but sometimes get uneasy about it: 26.5%

I think it's totally fine. I vape acetates daily and do so without fear: 22.4%

I'm very frightened. I refuse to vape acetylated cannabinoids: 14.3%

I'm frightened. I will only on a rare occasion vape acetylated cannabinoids: 12%

I'm on the fence. I vape acetates, but sometimes get uneasy about it: 8.2%


A whopping 85.7% of people who responded will vape acetates. Of those 85%, 20.2% are either frightened or on the fence about it.

Question 10:

Results (Sorted Highest to Lowest)

No, it's always been just fine: 51%

I've gotten worried, but nothing happened: 16.3%

No, I do not vape acetylated cannabinoids: 14.3%

I got a temporary minor injury (heavy cough that goes away, etc): 8.2%

I got a temporary injury (sustained heavy cough over more than one day, etc): 6.1%

I was hospitalized and released the same day: 4.2%

I was hospitalized and stayed there for many days but recovered: 0%

I was hospitalized and sustained lifelong injuries: 0%


67.3% of people have never had any issues with vaping acetylated cannabinoids.14.3% of people have sustained a non-serious injury from vaping acetylated cannabinoids. The 4.3% were hospitalized and released the same day I think we can write off as a freakout and nothing serious.



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