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What I use

This is my usual day-to-day setup and has been for quite a while.

The Things I Use
  • Evol Empire 4 Point Perc Dab Rig - $500

  • MiniNail PID W/ 30mm Coil - $260

  • 30MM Gavel Quartz Banger - $30

  • Glassy Baby Cup (Qtip Holder) - $60

  • Dapo Glass Bubble Carb Cap (Desert scene cane top) - $35

  • Titanium 14-18mm Dual Carb Dabber - $35

  • 20MM Yo Dabba Dabba Quartz Insert Set - $30

  • COSORI Mug Warmer & Coffee Cup Warmer - $30

Total Price: $1010

Yes, this is an expensive setup, but it's one I've curated over the 10 years that I've consumed cannabis. Every part of it is exactly how I'd like it to be and remains the perfect balance of form and function.


Evol Empire 4 Point Perc Dab Rig

The wide base on the Evol Empire piece makes all the difference in the world for keeping it safe. I've owned it for 6 years now. It is nearly impossible to tip over on accident and I've come very close many times, but the wide base has saved it every time. That stability remains when the 30mm enail is attached which is hard to find in a rig. A lot of the time dab rigs will have trouble supporting a 30mm enail coil at all and stability is usually a mile away.

As for the function and form - dear lord is this thing ever a classic. The four-point perc works wonders for cooling alongside the perfectly sized chamber. The bent neck makes it so easy to hit. Nothing too fancy, just a rig that NAILS the essential parts of a rig. Chefs fuckin' kiss.

MiniNail PID W/ 30mm Coil + 20MM Yo Dabba Dabba Quartz Insert Set

Why MiniNail? By accident! No, really.


I bought the 30mm coil thinking it would have a regular XLR port but instead, they use a proprietary mini XLR connector. After that I just kind of had the coil laying around until I saw MiniNail have a sale and said fuck it and grabbed the PID.

As for the quality, it's very good. The name MiniNail isn't a joke as I don't know of a smaller PID. It's smaller than my phone and only about twice as thick. Heat up time is great and I love having a huge 30mm coil to use.

For those of you more familiar with dabbing and inserts, you may be a bit confused at my choice to use a 20mm insert instead of a 25mm as it would fit more snugly. Well, it's because when using a snuggly fitting insert in an enail, it can easily become "welded" to the side or bottom of the banger by oil caught in the gap between the banger and the insert. It happens more often than you would think and recovering from it requires you to just kind of put tension on it until it unsticks itself which can end with a broken banger. 

The 20mm insert however will move a bit with the air you move around with the carb cap, and it has plenty of room between it and the wall of the banger. I've never had my 20mm insert weld itself to my 30mm banger. 

30MM Gavel Quartz Banger

As long as its real quartz, pretty much any 30mm banger will do. When mine break I use The Banger Shop to get new ones. A quality banger only costs $15-30. Don't spend too much money here.

Glassy Baby Qtip Cup

While this is a wholly unnecessary amount of money to spend on a product that accomplishes the same task as a plastic cup, I do think it really adds to my enjoyment of the whole deal. I got this when I was in the Seattle Airport and was browsing the shops. Something about the purple caught my eye. No matter what, I think you should have some form of Qtip holder, even if that's just any old cup.

Dapo Glass Bubble Carb Cap (Desert scene cane top)

Dapo glass does a lot of really cool stuff with canes (long layered tubes of colored glass that are fused together to make a scene, similar to pixel art but in real life.

Titanium 14-18mm Dual Carb Dabber

While the built-in carb cap won't actually fit over my 30mm nail, the carb cap is what makes this style of dabber the absolute best. Not for its function as a cap, but for its function as a way to make your dabber stand up - and hey look at that, it has a wide base so its hard to tip over.

I have tried many types of dabbers. The traditional ones get stuff all over them from lying them down. The glass ones usually also roll so they eventually roll off the table and break, plus if you have some super hard concentrate you are out of luck. Even the nice wooden ones that stand up on their own I've seen artists make don't have as wide of a base.

Also, you can torch off this dabber while holding it by the cap and the heat does not get to your fingers at all. I get it fully glowing while in my hand.

COSORI Mug Warmer & Coffee Cup Warmer

This mug warmer has very precise temperature control and goes up to 192F. I like it quite a bit. It should be noted that there is a black paint covering that can scrape off when blending. I recommend you use sandpaper and remove it fully to stop it from flaking off onto the bottom of your jar.

Pro tip: You can deactivate the gravity switch on this unit by turning the unit off and then pressing and holding all 3 buttons at once until you hear a beep. If you don't do this you need quite a lot of weight on the unit for it to work.

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