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Structure of HHCv

(Hydrogenated Varin THC)

Effects (Community)

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  • Mild Stimulation

  • Creative

  • Mild Focus

  • Chilled out

  • Euphoric

Average High Length


Come-up: 30-60 Minutes

Peak: 1-2 Hours

Comedown: 1-2 Hours

Afterglow: 1-2 Hours


Come-up: 30 Minutes-90 Minutes

Peak: 1-3 Hours

Comedown: 1-3 Hours

Afterglow: 1-3 Hours

Dosage Sizes

It should be noted that HHCv is best enjoyed in a blend. I don't recommend vaping it raw other than once or twice for curiosities sake.


Threshold: 5-7mg

Low dose: 7-15mg

Avg dose: 15-25mg

Strong dose: 25mg+


Threshold: 3-6mg

Low dose: 6-9mg

Avg dose: 9-15mg

Strong dose: 15mg+

Best known for:

Being a very mildly stimulating cannabinoid that has a relaxed vibe.


HHCv has a very high viscosity. It cannot be pushed out of a syringe at room temp. Is practically rock solid at room temperature.

Is it a phytocannabinoid? (naturally occurring cannabinoid)

HHCv is not a phytocannabinoid

My Opinion

HHCv exists in a very specific niche - it is for people who want some stimulation but are really intent on it not being an anxiety-inducing experience. Great for playing video games or doing something active where you don't use your head too much - like going on a run. There is definitely a sense of comfort present here that feels a bit familiar to CBDv.


Other notes:


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