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New To Noids? Start Here.


You will find everything you need to get started with Alt Cannabinoids here. Learn about the different effects, vendors, and more very quickly. This is the resource I wish I had when I started with Altnoids! These links should cover all the basics you need to know without being too overwhelming. Many of the posts have videos to go along with them if you prefer to learn that way.

Remember when reading my reports on effects that I am just one person, and the effects of different psychoactive substances tend to vary from person to person. If these links don't answer all the questions you have please feel free to join me and the community on the AltCannabinoid Discord serverWe'd love to answer your questions and help you get started.

After Checking out those links, you'll have most of what you need to know, but keep poking around on the site. There's lots of depth to this hobby.


I am not and will not be sponsored by any companies and I refuse to ever put ads on here. Please be wary of the top results on google for lots of this stuff. It's filled to the brim with garbage articles written by SEO companies that are just doing masked keyword stuffing to sell their BS gummies or whatever. This site is purely for the love of the game. If you'd like to support me, please check out the glass and art I make here: One Of One Glass
Have fun and happy blending!

Making Your First Blend​​

  1. Decide what noids you want in your blend using the cannabinoid tier list and comparison

  2. Check the recommended blend percentages page to help decide how much of each noid you should use

  3. Use the blend calculator to decide on your blend percentages

  4. Use the vendor price comparison to decide who to buy from

  5. Follow this blend guide 

  6. Enjoy

First Timer FAQ

Introduction - stuff you probably know

THCa is the traditional THC you are familiar with. It occurs naturally in high amounts in the cannabis plant. THCa on its own is not psychoactive, but once heated it is converted into D9 THC. Both D9 and D8 are isomers of THC.


What's an isomer?

An isomer is the same formula but has a different arrangement of atoms in the molecule and different properties. 

What's an analog?

Chemical analogs are two chemical compounds that have structures that are similar to one another. They will usually differ only in the possession of a particular functional group or substructure.

What are some good noids to start with?

To start out I’d recommend you get some D8, CBD, CBG, and HHC/CBN. With these ingredients, you can make some great blends and they are all very low cost.


Are these noids found in nature?

Most of these noids are indeed phytocannabinoids (Naturally occurring cannabinoids). They have all been found within the plant with the following known exceptions: THCo, HHCo, THCPo, HHCPo, HHCv, HHCh. These noids, while being directly related to THC, have never been found in nature.


Ok, so how are the alt noids made? 

CBGa can be directly turned into THCa, CBDa, CBCa, or CBG. As for the other noids,they can make them from modifying one of the listed noids in any number of ways. (there are a few exceptions to this rule, namely the phorols like THCp). Basically, they take CBGa they extract from biomass (kinda like shake from a farm) and then start fucking with the molecule till it's to their liking. So there is a real argument to be made that there's something "unnatural" about it.




Natural doesn't mean good - cyanide is natural. So are bobcats and spikey rocks.

A chemical is itself no matter where it's derived from. Rather that place be harvested directly through the plants or synthed from CBGa - the chemical itself stays the same. The natural-ness of a chemical does not have anything to do with its safety profile. These noids are indeed new to mass consumption, but all of our current knowledge points to all these alts being safe.


Is this stuff like spice or other dangerous synths I used to hear about?

No, “spice” “K2” and other synthetic cannabinoids have no relation to the cannabis plant at all. I was under the impression, as are a lot of people, that the reason those noids were more dangerous was because they were full agonists, however, that is not true. 


The real reason is that structurally unrelated drugs like indoles have nothing in common with classical cannabinoid benzopyrans like THC besides the receptor they hit.


Their structural difference is likely the reason for problems because every indole noid has problems no matter how weak or what substitution while classical canna inside benzopyrans don't seem to cause issues despite heavy modifications.


So does that mean it’s safe?

Yes, no, and maybe. I will say with certainty that cannabinoids that are based on traditional THC/CBD have proven to be VASTLY safer than traditional synthetic cannabinoids like “K2”. From a very, very anecdotal standpoint, I have consumed 300+ of grams of Alt Cannabinoids over the course of the last 3 years, and my side effects are not noticeable. Compared to smoking just D9, these last 3 years have been far more clear-headed and nice. Once again, take this with an enormous grain of salt as I could develop issues later in life, and also, I’m just one person, I could just be getting lucky.

These new noids aren’t exactly “new”, they were mostly all discovered far before the year 2000, but they have only recently hit the market, and outside of the lab, this is the first time they are being consumed, especially at large scale.

What I’m saying here, is that by participating in this community/movement/whatever you want to call it, you are actively engaging in taking drugs that exist in an unregulated and unstudied market. When looking at the available science, it seems to me everything will be okay - but we have thought that a lot of times in the past (for example we put tetraethyl lead in gas before we knew better), so please know you are in uncharted waters.

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