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Structure of D8 THCBo
D8 THCBo.png

D8 THCBo has a low viscosity. It can be pushed out of a syringe at room temperature. It should be noted its the thickest acetate so far

Is it a phytocannabinoid? (naturally occurring cannabinoid)

THCBo is not a phytocannabinoid

My Opinion

D8 THCBo is good for creative work the most as its highly stimulating and dreamlike which is a pretty unique combo for an acetate. It reminds me a whole lot of THCPo but just more stimulating. When it comes to the classic quick comeup and comedown you get with THC-B, here it's still present but a bit more stretched out. The initial effects still hit fairly quick, but the time to peak is longer. To combine with that, the comedown isn't as harsh and sudden. The stimulation is also less likely to cause anxiety as it's not as aggressive as the stimulation you get on THC-B. Overall seems to be a really fun choice for getting creative work done.


Other notes:


D8 Tetrahydrocannabutol Acetate
(Acetylated, Butyl D8 THC)

Effects (Community)

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  • Euphoric

  • Stimulating

  • Creative

  • Dream-Like

  • Mild body high

  • Strong head high

  • Fast acting

  • Feels a lot like THCPo with more stimulation

Average High Length


Come-up: 5-15 Minutes

Peak: 40-70 Minutes

Comedown: 1-3 Hours

Afterglow: 1-3 Hours


Come-up: 15 Minutes- 60 Minutes

Peak: 2-3 Hours

Comedown: 2-3 Hours

Afterglow: 3-4 Hours

Dosage Sizes

It should be noted that THCBo is best enjoyed in a blend. I don't recommend vaping it raw other than once or twice for curiosities sake.


Threshold: 2.5-5mg

Low dose: 5-7mg

Avg dose: 7-15mg

Strong dose: 15mg+


Threshold: 2-4mg

Low dose: 4-7mg

Avg dose: 7-10mg

Strong dose: 10mg+

Best known for:

Being a more chill and longer lasting version of THC-B

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