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Vendor Tier List + Analysis

Updated: 2 days ago

I have 0 affiliation with any of these brands. There's a reason there are 0 ads on this site. Educational material should be just informative and informational. This reflects my own experiences as well as the reports of others. If there's a vendor that wants to buy your way up this list, you can kiss this ass.

S Tier

Highly Concentr8ed - Very diverse selection. Best blend selection - newly lowered prices on raw noids. Very competitive price-wise

Voluntate - A newer vendor with a great selection and competitive prices. They aren't the best price on every noid, but the selection is hard to rival.

Unique noids that can only be bought here: CBDo, THC-M

A Tier

Gilded Extracts - Best prices without sales on almost everything. Their pricing model is incredibly cutthroat, and I love it. They offer a wide array of noids, however very often many noids will be out of stock at once, making them fall from S to A tier.

Unique noids that can only be bought here: HHC-V, CBGo, D8 THC-H, D8 THCBo

Harbor City Hemp - Best tasting D8 - their prices reflect this however, so be prepared to spend a little extra for the taste - they source their terps from Hello Terps, which are notoriously dank. They also have the highest R% of HHC available.

Vivimu - Diverse selection. Generally has been good, however there have been a few hiccups along the way. They are commonly referred to as the Walmart of noids, meaning that while the selection and prices are good the customer service can be pretty poor. They do a good job of pissing the enthusiasts off every once and a while. Personally, I've experienced missing items from my order (they made it right after) and H4CBD with a paper seal that ruined the top gram. Their sales are probably the best in terms of percentage off but they are structured in an annoying way with constant "power hours" for different categories nearly every day.

Unique noids only found here: 8-OH-HHC, CBDp

B Tier

Cannaclear - Diverse selection -They had some public blunders involving COAs not too long ago - but people seem to generally enjoy their product. This is the only one on this list I have no first hand experience with so take this with a grain of salt.

C Tier

Allegheny Extracts - Good prices but weak selection. Pretty much just D8, terped D8, and gummies.

Reefers Bay - 3chi but with reasonable prices and cut-down choices.

D Tier & Below

If it's not on this list, assume boof until you get confirmation from others in the altcanna discord. I used to have a few brands here but there really is not enough space to fit all the boof brands in the industry - just stick to the known vendors.

1 comment

1 Comment

Hey Turkey, thanks for the list! Personal opinion (not affiliated) - I'd say give Allegheny another try and/or look. I absolutely agree that their list is nowhere near the rest of the vendors; however, they have added more since last year. I've had their amber D8 (very good), D9 gummies (fire), and I just got a jar of their HHC, which I am thoroughly enjoying...good R rating and great effects. They even have a blend now that looks good, hoping to try that next. Anyway, just my thoughts - thanks for everything!

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