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Blending Starter Kits (Free - $50)

A starter kit for people who want to try and get introduced to the world blending for cheap.

Option 1:​ Free
  • Oven (I'm assuming you have one)

  • Microwave (I'm assuming you have one)

  • Very clean butter knife (I'm assuming you have one)

Cost: $0

This is the free option but also the most cumbersome and annoying.

Step one is to get all the ingredients you want to use all in one jar, and because you don't have additional jars you will have to use one of the jars from your cannabinoids. Pro tip: use the hardest cannabinoid in your blend as the jar you use so you won't have to struggle to get it out of the container. If you find that you cannot get a harder cannabinoid out of its container, toss it in the microwave in increments of 15 seconds until the texture is right for you to scoop it out or pour it out. Be mindful that the jar will be hot as fuck, so careful with your fingers. This method also has no scale, so using the cannabinoids in the quantity they came is recommended, otherwise you have no way of calculating cannabinoid percentages.

After you have everything in one jar, put it in the oven at its lowest setting. Check for consistency every 5 minutes. Once the whole of the jar is liquid, take it out and stir, stir, stir. Again, please be mindful that the jar will be hot as all hell.

After that, just let it cool and you are good to go. If you have terps in your blend add them at the very end of this process. The jar should be able to be touched without burning you before you begin to stir them in.

Option 2:​ Cheap
  • CHWARES Food Scale 0.1G ($15) [Amazon]

  • Mug Warmer, Coffee Warmer with Auto Shut Off, Coffee Cup Warmer with 3 Temperature Setting ($12) [Amazon]

  • 14Pcs Stainless Steel Lab Spatula Micro Scoop Reagent Laboratory Mixing Spatula ($12) [Amazon]

Cost: $39

This is the basic blending essentials for as cheap as possible while retaining quality. It should be noted that the mug warmer only goes up to 170F, which is good enough for almost every cannabinoid. If you are blending THCv, HHCv, or 8-OH-HHC, 170F won't be hot enough, but it will be plenty of heat for every other cannabinoid. The 14-piece mix of tools is great because it has scoops for isolates as well as long tools for getting deep into tall containers. (Looking at you, HCH's 100g jars). The scale is only accurate down to 0.1g, but in my opinion that's plenty good for our purposes.

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