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How To Make Carts With Your Own Distillate & Blends

Why make your own carts?

Price, peace of mind, and control over the blend percentages. With pre-filled carts, you are paying a hefty convenience tax, as well as putting a whole lot of trust in the given vendor that they are telling the truth about the blend percentages. When making your own carts you have full control of the quality of every part of the process.


Supplies Needed:
  • Empty 510 threaded cartridges

  • Borosilicate syringe

  • Heat source like a mug warmer or wax warmer

  • Distillate (Raw or blended) - ideally low viscosity

  • Terpenes or other thining cannabinoids (EX: CBC, CBGO)

  • Patience


  1. Open your cart so it is ready to receive oil

  2. Place your distillate or blend on your heat source until it becomes very thin. Around the consistency of maple syrup.

  3. Take your syringe and place the tip into the distillate, making sure that it is fully submerged but not pressing against the bottom of the jar

  4. Slowly pull up on the plunger to fill the borosilicate syringe to the 1ml mark

  5. If the syringe does not pick up any distillate or struggles to fill fully, your distillate is not warm enough. The oil should go into the syringe with relative ease

  6. Then, quickly but calmly grab the cart you opened in Step 1 and empty the contents of the syringe in it

  7. Close the cart and put it on your battery!

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