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Structure of D9 THCPo
Average High Length


Come-up: 45-90 Minutes

Peak: 1 1/2-6 Hours

Comedown: 2-6 Hours

Afterglow: 6-12 Hours


Come-up: 1-2 Hours

Peak: 2-8 Hours

Comedown: 4-10 Hours

Afterglow: 6-12 Hours

Dosage Sizes

It should be noted that the Phorol noids are better enjoyed in a blend. I don't recommend vaping them raw other than once or twice for curiosities sake.


Threshold: 1-2mg

Low dose: 3-10mg

Avg dose: 10-20mg

Strong dose: 20mg+


Threshold: 0.5-1mg

Low dose: 2-3mg

Avg dose: 4-6mg

Strong dose: 6mg+

Best known for:

Strength and dreamy head high.

Tetrahydrocannabiphorol Acetate
(Acetylated, Phorol THC)

Effects (Community)

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  • Creative

  • Dreamlike feeling

  • Heavy Head High

  • “Head on a string” feeling

  • Takes around 1hr-1 ½hr to hit


THCP-O has a low viscosity. It can be pushed out of a syringe at room temperature.

My Opinion

THCP-O is the second strongest noid out right now. I experienced a very “Floaty” head-in-the-clouds feel. Very creative but not as easy to focus vs THCp. In total, it lasted around 24hrs in my system (including “hangover” time when you feel groggy).


Tastes like a weird hempy terp combined with hay. Pretty standard smell.

It’s great for potentiating blends. When I use it during my normal daily smoking the noticed effects go on for about 5-6 hours. Just like any other strong noid I only recommend you use it once or twice a day in order to keep your tolerance in check


Much more potent in edibles than vaped.

Conclusion: Really, really big fan of THCP-O. 9/10


Other notes:


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