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Dabbing Starter Kit (Under $50)

A starter kit for people who to start dabbing for under $50

Option 1:​ The Basics (USA Sellers Only)
  •  Straight Neck Mini Beer Bottle ($10) []

  • Thick 4mm Quartz Banger Nail ($5) []

  • Stainless Steel Rosin Handle Dabber ($8) []

  • NEWPORT | Metal Cigar Torch ($20) []

Total Price: $43

This is probably the cheapest quality dabbing package you can put together from the USA. Marijuana Packaging is a company primarily aimed at doing wholesale with other businesses, but they do have a customer-facing storefront as well. I suggest taking a look through their website to decide on the exact rig you want, but with that being said your options are decidedly limited.

Option 2:​ Free and Desperate
  • 3 Kitchen Knives

  • One 2-liter bottle or something you can fashion into a funnel 

  • A stove with exposed coils (gas or old-style electric)

  • Scissors

Total Price: $0 and pain

Listen, I get we are all in a pinch sometimes, but if you can avoid this, please do. Hot knives are not fun or advisable (especially with acetates, if you are someone scared of ketene, hot knifing acetates is your worst nightmare). All that being said, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures and all you have is some knives and a dream.

  • To start, cut your 2-liter bottle in half. This will act as your makeshift smoke catcher.

  • Next, get your stove on the hottest setting it goes to, and then wedge your knives in the coils so that they stand on their own and allow them to heat until they glow red hot.

  • While you wait, get whatever dab you are trying to take on the 3rd knife. Now this next part takes either some dexterity or a friend, so be careful!

  • You need to take the knives out of the stove coils with the 2 liter held in your mouth. You now need to get the dab sandwiched between the 2 knives as you inhale the resulting smoke.


This is a very inefficient method of consumption and should only be done out of pure desperation due to how unsafe it is.

Option 3:​ Cheapest for travel
  • Apple ($1)

  • A banger from a headshop with a 14mm male joint ($15)

  • A pen or something to make a hole in an apple

Total Price: $16 (with a snack!)

This is my go-to for travel when I can't bring a rig. I either bring the banger from home or buy one at my destination.


  • To start, use the pen to make a hole in the apple through the middle angled downwards at a 45-degree angle.

  • Go to the other side of the apple and do the same so the holes touch. 

  • Then use the male 14mm joint to burrow a bigger hole in the apple, using one of the holes you just made as a guide-hole. Push it straight in and don't wiggle it around any - you want the fit to be as snug as possible.

  • Make a carb hole by creating a 3rd hole that is perpendicular to the other 2 that meet in the center.

  • You will have to then take it out and get the apple out of the joint. At this point, you are gonna want to clean the whole banger off with hot water until all the apple residue is all cleaned off. Then, insert the banger back into the hole you just made, pushing in a little extra to get a snug fit.

  • Now you just heat up your banger and hit the "rig" how you would any other! This is a pretty easy and fun way to dab pretty much anywhere you are

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