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Dabbing Starter Kit ($100-$250)

A starter kit for people who to start dabbing for $100-$250

Option 1:​ Classic Enail Setup (US sellers only)
  • Fancier 30mm Axial Style Coil Quartz Banger Enail Kit ($129) [Discount Enail]

  • Marley Natural Glass and Walnut Riggler Dab Rig ($120 w code dab15) [Kush Cargo]

Total Price: $249

The enail here is a great deal, letting you have a 30mm coil, PID, banger and cap for under $150 from a US seller is pretty hard to come by.

I found this piece while researching for this starter kit and was pretty blown away. It has a wooden base and a wooden mouthpiece section. You can disassemble the whole thing for easy cleaning of both the wood and the glass which is pretty cool. Spent a few minutes trying to find another wooden rig like it for sale and I couldn't find any. I'm sure there are some on Instagram, but something tells me they are overpriced as all hell.

Option 2:​ Pre Made Dabbing Starter Kit (
  • Micro E-Nail Controller Box

  • 20mm Barrel Coil

  • Dual Size Quartz E-Banger Bucket

  • Rig

  • 200 Count Cotton Swabs

  • Iso-Jar

  • 2oz Iso Shine Alcohol Cleaner

Total Price: $219-$250

If you want to push the button and receive an enail this is the move. For all those things together it's not a horrible price at all. There are 2 rig options within the $250 budget to choose from

Option 3:​ Beautiful China Glass with Enail
  • Fancier 30mm Axial Style Coil Quartz Banger Enail Kit ($129) [Discount Enail]

  • Anything from MLglass or ZODA glass on DHgate.

Total Price: $170-$250

People hate on china glass but they forget that there are genuinely talented artists in china! MLglass and ZODA put out some of the most affordable heady pieces I've seen. I've personally gotten a custom Plumbus-shaped rig made by MLglass for a friend and it came out so amazing and he only charged me $120. His recent progress on the bongcyclers and RBRs is really astounding. I've been following him for quite a while and its been very cool to watch him grow as an artist.

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