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Structure of HHCo
My Opinion

Same basic effects as HHC, but a bit dreamier, less body load, and it takes longer to hit/lasts a bit longer. For some it's a tad stronger than HHC but not by much. Might be the most universally disliked flavor of any noid - many compare it to burnt rubber. Because of this HHCo is best in blends under at concentrations of 30%. Also, HHCo lacks the strong body high of HHC, so it performs better in a supporting role in a blend. 



Other notes:

It's important to keep in mind that batches of HHCo vary in quality based on R % values. Check out this article to learn more about that.

Hexahydrocannabinol Acetate
(Hydrogenated, Acetylated THC)

Effects (Community)

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Effects (For Me)
  • Dream-Like Haze

  • Confusion

  • Mild Couch Lock

  • Mild Body Load

  • Euphoric

Average High Length


Come-up: 30-40 Minutes

Peak: 1-2 Hours

Comedown: 30 Minutes - 1 Hour

Afterglow: 2-4 Hours


Come-up: 40-90 Minutes

Peak: 1-4 Hours

Comedown: 1-2 Hours

Afterglow: 2-6 Hours

Dosage Sizes


Threshold: 5-10mg

Low dose: 10-30mg

Avg dose: 30-60mg

Strong dose: 60mg+


Threshold: 3-5mg

Low dose: 5-15mg

Avg dose: 15-35mg

Strong dose: 35mg+

Best known for:

Being a more serene and dreamlike version of HHC without as much body high.


HHCo has a low viscosity. It can be pushed out of a syringe at room temperature.

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Comments (2)

Jan 02

Keep in mind that acetylated noids are pretty dangerous since vaping/burning them releases ketene Gas, which is aprox. as toxic as phosgene.

Feb 11
Replying to

Remember, if you combust flower you are releasing benzene gas <3

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