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Structure of CBNo

Cannabinol Acetate

Effects (Community)

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Effects (For Me)
  • Very Heavy Sedation

  • Very Heavy Relaxation

  • Mild Pain Relief

  • Difficulty Thinking

  • Mild Potentiation (when used in blends)

  • Muscle Relaxation

  • Dream-like feeling

Average Effect Length


Come-up: 20-40 Minutes

Peak: 3-6 Hours

Comedown: 2-3 Hours

Afterglow: 1-3 Hours


Come-up: 40-120 Minutes

Peak: 4-8 Hours

Comedown: 3-4 Hours

Afterglow: 2-3 Hours

Dosage Sizes


Threshold: 2-4mg

Low dose: 4-8mg

Avg dose: 8-15mg

Strong dose: 15mg+


Threshold: 1-3mg

Low dose: 3-5mg

Avg dose: 5-10mg

Strong dose: 10mg+

Best known for:

Being a very good and long-lasting cannabinoid for sleep.


CBNo is sold as an isolate.

Is it a phytocannabinoid? (naturally occurring cannabinoid)

CBNo is not a phytocannabinoid.

My Opinion

CBNo is for sleep and not a whole lot else if you ask me. Like I say on the CBN info sheet, CBN gets you to sleep but CBNo KEEPS you asleep. While it does take a while to kick in, CBNo is more sedative than CBN and longer lasting. For people that have insomnia, I have seen CBNo be a lifesaver, even in comparison to CBN because of its prolonged effects. If you ask me CBN's MAJOR weakness is how long it's effective and CBNo solves that issue. The classic acetate feeling of "dreamy-ness" is there, which certainly helps you along the way when trying to sleep. As mentioned before I do highly recommend you blend it with regular CBN to help provide some of that initial sedation closer to when you take it so you aren't waiting around for it to kick in.

What can CBNo do for a blend?
  • Very Heavy Sedation

  • Singlehandedly turn a blend into a sleep blend

  • Badder texture (when cold mixed with distillates)

  • Anxiety Relief ("taking the edge off")

Other notes:


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