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Is D8 THC-P Overlooked? (D8 THC-P vs D9 THC-P comparison)

Updated: Jan 1

I've found that every cannabinoid I’ve tried has unique properties that make it stand out from the rest, yet I’ve written off D8THC-P as “just weaker” than D9 THC-P without actually having tried it. I see a lot of the same sentiment around, so I figured I’d get both and put it to the test.

On paper, D8 THC-P should be many times worse than D9 THC-P, HOWEVER, that was not my experience.

With D8 THCP, the experience was notably weaker, but not as much so as the numbers might have you expect. For me, it felt around ¾ as strong, and notably different. I was surprised with how much I enjoyed it. I’d call it a slightly weaker halfway point between D9 THC-P and HHC-P. Much more body high than the D9 THC-P, as well as it being a much calmer, less speedy, more stoney high. I decided to make a blend with both D8 THC-P and D9 THC-P, and it is really great. Ultra potent, and it feels a lot more rounded out as an experience than with just D8 THC-P.

So here’s the real issue. Cost. D8 THC-P in general costs about as much as D9 THC-P, and when you see that you can get more power for the same price, you almost always will. I think I might be changing my tune a little though. I think I may actually enjoy D8 THCP more because its just more relaxed. It compliments D9 THC-P super well in a blend.

I totally think d8 THC-P has been unfairly written off, largely by people who haven’t tried it. Binding affinity isn’t everything folks! If you can afford it, and already have some D9 THC-P, I say go for it.



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