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Cannabinoid Blend Guide #2: How Blend Cannabinoids & Terps

Updated: Jun 9


  • Mug Warmer or candle warmer

  • Titanium dabber

  • Your Cannabinoids and Terps for your Blend

  • Calculator

  • Jar that is at least 5-10mls larger than the blend you are making

  • Paper (talk about this sticker paper too)

  • Pencil

How to Blend

  1. Calculate the blend % (Grams/Total weight=%)

  2. Weigh your jar (without lid) before you add anything anything to it. Write down the number.

  3. Turn on your Mug warmer to 150 or light your candle (talk about isolate at different temps making different consistencies, show quick badder for reference)

  4. Weigh out the first and least viscous distillate, add it to the glass container

  5. Place your glass container on the heated surface. Put any disty that is too hard to move on there too.

  6. Wait a few minutes, usually I like to take this time to design the label. Make sure to include the NLTW (no lid tear weight) you wrote down earlier, alongside a spot for the final gram amount. While you are doing your calculations, when blending some loss is bound to occur, so don’t write this number down just yet)

  7. Once the disty inside the glass container becomes very liquidy, add you next noid

  8. Wait 2 minutes, stirring very lightly

  9. Stir more aggressively, once things start to homogenize, add your next noid, then repeat steps 6&7 until all your distillates are added

  10. Now, make a choice about what consistency you want, the higher temp you mix at, the more badder like it will be.

  11. Take off heat

  12. Once the outside of the jar is cool enough to touch, you can mix in your terps just like you did everything else. The cooler you go with your terp infusion the better it will taste, but with a colder terp infusion you might end up with a non homogeneous blend for a few days while the terps evenly dissipate

  13. Weigh again (no lid), subtract this number from the NLTW, and you have your # of grams

  14. Put on lid

  15. Tape label on jar

  16. Done!

Additional Texture Tips!

  • H4 + Acetates + Any Mix + Cold Storage = Shatter

  • Isolates + Distillates + Cold Mix = Badder

  • Isolates + Distillates + Hot Mix = Distillate

  • CRD CBD + Distillate = Runny Distillate

  • CRD CBD + Isolate + Cold Mix = Runny Badder

  • Chunky Isolate (THCa, THCV, etc.) + Distillate + Cold Mix = Live resin esque texture


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