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BOOK OUT NOW! Classical Cannabinoid Consumers Guide on Amazon

Updated: Apr 8

Hey everyone, Turkey here! I'm so excited to announce that the hardcover version of my book, Classical Cannabinoid Consumers Guide: Everything you need to know about classical cannabinoids in terms you can understand is now available on Amazon in 9 countries! A cheaper softback is coming soon!

(Note: The Amazon description has been updated in the backend to remove typos and add more context, the changes are just currently still pending)

In this book is everything you need to know about classical cannabinoids like CBC, HHC, D8 THC, THC-H and more. This guide will take you from not knowing anything to making the perfect cannabinoid blends for any given situation.

Everything from a beginner's guide to advanced blending techniques to safety info and more are covered in this guide.

Not only will you learn, but you also can also track your experiences with individual cannabinoids in the cannabinoid info sheet section, with a place to write down how each cannabinoid felt to you. You can also keep track of your blends in the DIY blend calculator sheets. This is a handheld version of this site with some added bonuses like 10 pieces of unreleased art and more!

Own a smokeshop or dispensary? This guide can help any of your customers quickly understand what your cannabinoid products may feel like. This book will help increase customer confidence and bring up sales!

Thanks to everyone for all the support. Much love.

<3 Turk


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