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Quick Dabbing Tutorial For Beginners

Updated: Jan 23

  1. Gather materials - Rig, quartz nail, dabber, wax, torch and carb cap - put all within arms reach.

  2. Put a dab on your dabber (if it's your first time, use a dab half the size of a grain of rice)

  3. Heat the nail until you see faint red glows.

  4. Use your wrist to gauge the temp. Hover your wrist over the banger about an inch away, and wait for the heat to build up. When it stops hurting doing that, you are good to go. If that sound kind of arbitrary, its because it is. Measuring dab temp is hard and something you need to have practice at.

  5. Once at temp, put the dab in the nail and begin inhaling.

  6. Put carb cap on nail, creating a seal.

  7. Move carb cap around to increase the surface area of the dab touching the nail.

  8. Qtip

  9. Done!


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