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How to Make Your Own Infused CBD Flower at Home

Updated: Jan 23

What you need

  1. Flower of some kind - CBD, CBG, D9 etc

  2. Grinder

  3. At least 3-4 Grams of flower

  4. Slightly runny Wax

  5. Stir tool


The whole idea of infused flower is so ripe for deception, bad practices, and downright scams. For a very similar reason to why I don’t recommend moonrocks, preinfused flower puts you at the mercy of the infuser - meaning you don’t know if they are using solvents to spray, and if they are, you don’t know if they are purging it properly. The blend %’s can so easily be fudged. Making your own with something like this will almost always lead to a better experience.

The process is pretty simple


  1. Grind up around 1-2 grams of flower

  2. Drip the wax into the grinder, depending on your amount of wax this can be done in stages or different globs

  3. Grind up the rest of your weed so it falls on top

  4. Open the grider, and slowly reveal more and more surface area, making sure that all newly exposed wax is immediately met with flower to stick to

  5. Repeat for a while

  6. Once you start seeing many smaller clumps, you can graduate to stirring

  7. Pressing on the bud a bit can speed up this last part

  8. Done!



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