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Cannabinoid Tolerance Management Tips

With all the cannabinoids out today, it's fairly easy to dab daily and fairly frequently without your tolerance always on the rise. Over the last 10 years I've been smoking weed, this is the system I've created to allow myself as much dabbing as I'd like without my tolerance getting out of control. In this article, I'll share those tips with you.

Need a tolerance reset to get started? Check out this guide:

Rule 1: No long tailchian cannabinoids (P's, H's, B's) or D9 before 5pm

This prevents you from falling into a cycle of only using these cannabinoids because they slowly become the only ones that work for you. It also prevents you from consuming entirely too much of them - furthermore, It's good to have some separation between "going through the day" high and "having fun" high.

Rule 2: No long tailchian cannabinoids (P's, H's, B's) over 15% in blends

This also helps prevent you from going into a cycle of higher and higher doses of long tailchain cannabinoids. While a 30% THCp blend might get you really high the first time, frequent use will spike your tolerance to the point where it feels as if it may as well have been 10% THCp. Not saying don't ever go wild and have fun, but make sure any pure phorol dabs you take for fun are few and far between.

Rule 3: At least 20% Cnoids in every blend

Not only does this rule help every single blend it's applied to in the sense of effects, it also lessens the total amount of psychoactive cannabinoids you are using. If you aren't using cnoids, you are really missing out on the best parts of weed.

Rule 4: Do not use the same blend twice in a day

This rule is the hardest to follow but also the most important one. While it may seem like it, you don't need a huge number of grams to make a bunch of blends. 5 gram blends are very easy, cheap, and convenient to make. With a 5 gram blend every gram you add will be 20% of the blend, so you don't even need to use the blend calculator to do it. Another good thing about 5 gram blends is that you can grab 0.25ML syringes of strong cannabinoids and add them to the blend to give you a 5% concentration for cheap.

Rule 5: Keep your dabs to 50mg and under

That's about the size of 2 grains of rice. If that isn't enough for you, just take another OR use a stronger blend. This helps you get the most from your product as you end up wasting far less with a smaller dab. Again, like rule 2, I'm not saying don't ever go wild and have fun, but make sure any gram dabs you take for fun are few and far between.

Rule 6: Dab out of a rig whenever possible

Something about hitting out of a rig is just different as stupid as that sounds. Maybe it's because the water makes it easier to hold in your lungs, maybe it's because you are filling your lungs with more smoke or because the hits are bigger. I don't know exactly what it is, but I have tried so many products over the years, and never once did I ever get the same efficiency and effects as I did taking a well-temped dab on a rig.



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