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Best 5 Video Games for Psychoactive Experiences


Audiosurf is a PC video game from 2008 that I consider a must-do experience for anyone early in their stoner career. The game allows you to upload any song you'd like and then "ride" the waveform as a spaceship collecting blocks.

There are many game modes but to me, nothing is better than doing Mono Mode with the Iron Mode modifier turned on. You can just turn your brain off and collect every colored brick you see while avoiding the grey blocks, set to whatever song you choose.

Fast-paced songs with slow breaks are the best to use in my opinion. If you need a good place to start, every single track on the Monstercat Best Of Future Bass mix is a whole lot of fun all the way through. If you are up for a truly intense experience that tests your endurance I challenge you to try and play through the whole album mix version. It's 38 minutes long and will have you exhausted by the end. One of my all-time accomplishments in gaming is getting a perfect run on that mix. (Every colored block, no greys).

Headphones are very highly recommended. You can turn them up as loud as you are comfortable with, but for me having it loud really enhances the experience. Also, if you are lucky enough to own a Subpack or similar wearable subwoofer - you are in for a TREAT. I used to own one and playing Audiosurf with it on while deep into a psychoactive experience is a truly unmatched experience. Like a damn roller coaster.

A dark room is also recommended. Or if you are lucky enough to have a lot of Philips Hue lights you can use the Hue Connect App to have the lights match the game.

My recommended settings are to make the background dark to be easy on your eyes and to turn all sound effects off as they get in the way of the vibe.

Side note: Audiosurf 2 is not nearly as good, stick with Audiosurf 1.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Ah, what a classic. Grand Theft Auto 5 is such a perfect game while you are intoxicated. You can play the story mode sure, but the real joy is in free-roaming the world. Mods make this game 100x more fun, make sure to install some even if it's just a basic trainer to let you be invincible and things like that.

Mario Oddesy

The open and colorful worlds of Mario Oddesy really gain an extra sense of awe when intoxicated. The world of Mario Oddesy is highly detailed and extremely varied. My first playthrough had me very surprised many times with the places and ideas they throw at you.

Also, serious bonus points for being a switch game so it runs great on emulators.


When I first saw Teardown announced I saw a childhood dream of mine fulfilled. A fully destructible world that you can destroy at your leisure. Little did I know that the worlds the devs created would not be the only worlds to destroy.

The mod support and community for this game are absolutely crazy. The amount of high effort, super detailed, and constantly updating projects that are released blow my mind. In this game, you can fight a T Rex with a gun that shoots planes in a fully destructible highly detailed office park. What could possibly be more fun? I really don't know.

My favorite map mods are: Russian Town 6, Gwen Mall 7.5, Grand Tear Auto, Minecraft Pillager Outpost, Saphire Luxury Apartments, WW2 Village Extended, A Business Center, Minecraft Taiga Village, Dynamic Office Tower, Notre Dame De Paris, Ikea Showrooms, Human Playground,

My favorite weapon mods are: Simple Explosives, Det cord, Weld tool, Paint Bomb, Lava Bucket, Gas Can, Cast Iron Revolver, Boomstick, Annihilator, Lava Gun, Plane Gun, Object Gun, Cinematic Bomb, Bay Bomb, Fire Fighter, Basilisco Airstrike, Thermite Cannon, Guided Missle, Balloons, Physics Gun

My favorite other mods are: Godzilla, Megabooster, Midevil Fight, TerREX, Jurassic Park AI Pack, Clear all Fires

This game can be hard on your computer - personally, I turn every graphics setting as low as it can go for more FPS while I'm being particularly destructive.

The Powder Toy

Remember those falling sand games from your childhood? This is that x100. This is less of a game and more of a simulation. When you start you have a blank canvas and you can add a very high number of gasses, solids, and liquids. This version of a falling sand game features many radioactive elements to play with.

There's something so hypnotizing and fun about mixing stuff up and seeing what happens. There is also a map-sharing system built in so you can try out other people's creations. Some people have made fully working nuclear reactors!

SkyFactory 4 (Minecraft Modpack)

Just adding Minecraft to this list felt a bit too easy, so let me introduce you to a favorite mod pack of mine as well. SkyFactory 4 is a very in-depth take on the Skyblock concept, but also pretty repetitive - a wonderful combination for the intoxicated. You can choose between grinding for resources mindlessly or you can get really deep into building a complex machine in order to progress through the achievements. Hard to get lost up there too which certainly can help.


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