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Classical Cannabinoid Consumers Guide [Hardcover]

Learn everything you need to know about classical cannabinoids like CBC, HHC, D8 THC, THC-H and more. This guide will take you from not knowing anything to making the perfect cannabinoid blends for any given situation. Everything from a beginner's guide to advanced blending techniques to safety info and more is covered in this guide.

Own a smokeshop or dispensary? This guide can help any of your customers quickly understand what your cannabinoid products may feel like. This book will help increase customer confidence and bring up sales!

Please note that this is a LARGE book! It is the size of a large catalog. (Over 400 pages!)

Not only will you learn, but you also can also track your experiences with individual cannabinoids in the cannabinoid info sheet section, with a place to write down how each cannabinoid felt to you. You can also keep track of your blends in the DIY blend calculator sheets. This is a handheld version of my this website with some added bonuses like 10 pieces of unreleased art and more!


Are you outside of the USA? You can grab a copy off Amazon here:

Classical Cannabinoid Consumers Guide [Hardcover]

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  • Cannabinoid Info Sheets with 30+ Cannabinoids

    The Cannabinoid Info Sheets are the heart and soul of this book. Over 30 cannabinoids are covered here, all with detailed info. In addition to that, there is a place after each cannabinoid info sheet where you can log your experiences to keep track of how each cannabinoid affects you personally.

    Rather you are an individual or a business these info sheets can provide you with mountains of information about any given cannabinoid you or your customers might have might have.

    Every info sheet includes:

    • Subjective Effects
    • Average Effect Length
    • Average Dosage Sizes
    • Phytocannabinoid Status
    • Viscosity
    • My Overall Opinion


    Tier Lists

    Get rankings of various aspects of different cannabinoids at a glance with the many Tier Lists included in this book! These lists compare strength, harshness, productivity and more!


    Blend Inspiration

    Want to start blending but confused on where to start? Go to the blend inspiration section to get over 100 different cannabinoid blends - each with their own breakdown of cannabinoid content and subjective effects.


    Safety Info

    Learn the actual safety profile of the cannabinoids that are currently on the market.


    Tutorials, Articles, & Charts

    Many, many tutorials, articles, and charts are included including tips on blending, critiques of papers, recipes, as well as things like cannabinoid timeline comparisons and and so much more.


    And much much more!

  • Please note that during these early days of production I am limited by the publishers ability to get me new books - as such, the wait time on these copies can be up to 4 weeks. As of right now I cannot offer you international shipping on my site, but you can get the book from Amazon still.

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