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Using Cannabinoids to Aid Alcoholism & Poly-Substance Abuse

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Over my time in this community, I've found that many people come from a long background of drug abuse, largely skewing toward research chemicals popular in the 2010s. There are also a very large number of autistic individuals within this community.

Considering this is a hyper-specific drug community whose newness and legality mirror the RCs of the 2010s, it makes a lot of sense. If you are thinking that a hyper-specific drug group might also appeal to people with autism, you'd be correct. It's fairly well known that autistic individuals can have a much harder time dealing with substance abuse and come across it in their lives much more often. Combine that with a mind that fixates on things and you have a recipe for a drug addict who wants to see how far the rabbit hole goes.

As for my struggles with addiction, I'll keep it as short as I can while getting you a basic picture - I went through my RC phase when I was a teen. Lots of stimulants and psychedelics (and of course weed) with heavy addictions to all 3. Heavy implications for my cognition from the psychedelics. After that I had a short period where I was just smoking weed and taking the occasional psychedelic, however, I started drinking heavily at 21 on top of that, spiraling my life out of control. By 22 I was trying to kill myself and was deeply alcoholic which caused me to have to be flown back home to get sober.

With that stage set, at 22 I turned to anything I could that was cheap to get high to try and distract myself from the alcohol cravings. Right before I left the state I was in I discovered D8 THC, so that was the most obvious candidate for me, and thus began my love for alt-noids.

The D8 was great, but not enough for my poly-substance-loving self, so I tried turning to other herbals like kava and mugwart. The kava in particular was helpful because it's a drug that acts on your GABA receptors just like alcohol without any of the more intoxicating effects. If you are a recovering alcoholic, I highly recommend grabbing some kava kava tea from somewhere around you. The most widely available kava kava tea is from a brand called Yogi and it can often be found at Walmart, but I would HIGHLY recommend using this tool to find what store around you sells it. Only 2 stores in my city sell it, so it would be easy to miss.

Anyways, for my lifelong drug-addicted self, this was not enough and I had heard things about something called "THC-O". I decided to take a look into it, and wow was this ever what I was looking for. After that, I started asking question after question in the Alt-Cannabinoids Discord server and that was that. I was hooked.

The joy of having all these cannabinoids at our disposal doesn't end with feeling good - their variety and versatility can help make different cannabinoids and blends feel like different drugs. To be very clear, I'm not saying they will stop feeling like cannabis, in one way or another all of these cannabinoids feel similar to one another, but still, the difference between a blend with high CBG, THCV, THC-H, and CBT and a blend with high HHC, CBN, CBNo, CBC is very, very, very noticeable. There is something about building blends that do various different things really scratches my poly-substance abuse itch in a safe way.

As for applying this to your own life and struggles, I encourage you to get yourself a wide array of cannabinoids and a lot of jars and get to blending. Also consider looking into herbals (ESPECIALLY kava). Use this site as a guide to make some more "pointed" blends (Energy, couch lock, etc). A lot of examples of this can be found on the blend inspiration page.

Listen, treating drug addiction with another addiction might be seen as bad but you can easily then begin switching from psychoactive blends to non-psychoactive blends.

For a lot of us who have mental illnesses that cause us to have a higher affinity for drugs and poor impulse control, it can be the lesser of all evils.

I feel it's important to note at the end of any "advice" like this that I am in no way qualified as any kind of addiction specialist, I'm just an addict in my 20s sharing their experience.


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Michael Hall
Michael Hall
Dec 07, 2023

If your not a tea fan - do you have a brand of kava kava tincture or capsules you recommend?


Nov 22, 2023

I 100% agree.

"There is something about building blends that do various different things really scratches my poly-substance abuse itch in a safe way." I really relate to this entire article in such a deep way. Especially the above quoquote.  I am a recovering poly-substance addict. I'm 36. I've done it all. I went through my phase with the whole RC shebang as well,  and I would be lying if I said I didn't have a toe still dipped in that pond. ex Wanna know how I'm getting my toe out of that pond for good? Making my own cannabinoid blends. That's how. Need to be alert and focused? Take THCv or HHCv orally combined with CBC and H4CBD to balance the stimulation. Need to just relax?…

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