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Non-Psychoactive / CNOID Effect Comparison Chart

Updated: Mar 11

This is based on my personal experience as well as the experiences of others within the community. Raw table data is available at the bottom of the page.


CBD is the most common Cnoid on the market today. CBD is very good for a wide variety of issues, such as pain relief, help with anxiety, muscle relaxation and much more. CBD is a very versatile noid.

  • Calming

  • Good for pain relief

  • Helps with anxiety

  • Cheap

  • Good Blend Filler


CBN is first and foremost sleep-inducing. That is its main role when it is present - however, CBN can also help with anxiety and muscle relaxation.

  • Sleep inducing

  • Help with anxiety

  • Relaxing

  • Potentiator


CBG is a very stimulating noid, so much so that it can cause anxiety in those prone to it. CBG is also a great appetite suppressant, making it a good weight loss helper. CBG is good for focus as well.

  • Stimulating

  • Appetite Suppressant

  • Focus

  • Potentiator


CBNo is the acetylated version of CBN. It is even more powerfully sleep-inducing than CBN, but takes longer to hit. The onset can be very rapid, causing a lot of drowsiness very quickly. CBNo can also potentiate a blend quite a bit.

  • Extremely sleep inducing

  • Takes a while to hit

  • Helps with anxiety

  • Potentiator


CBC is a calming potentiator, and also very viscous, making it a great thinning agent for carts and blends. CBC has a similar calming effect to CBD, but more intense.

  • Very calming

  • Great potentiator

  • Good for making carts


CBT is a very unique noid. It feels like no other noid, giving you a very scatterbrained, all-over-the-place type feeling. It also potentiates in a very similar fashion to CBC, just in a far less calming manner. Great thinner as well.

  • All over the place, scatterbrained type feeling

  • Great potentiator

  • Great for making carts


CBD-V is a great noid for focus without all the stimulation of THC-V or CBG. CBD-V is a more relaxed focus enhancer than CBG or THC-V, making it a good choice for those with anxiety.

  • Focus

  • Potentiator

  • Calming in some, Stimulating in others


CBDo is a great potentiator and a very unique noid. If you are familiar with the dreamlike qualites of THC-O, CBDo adds much of that to any blend you add it to. It does not cause a high like THCo, but when added to a blend it certainly adds some elements that feel very similar to it. Very smooth and a great thinner.

  • Dreamlike

  • Anxiety Relief

  • Potentiator

  • "All over the place" feeling


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