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Blend Guide #1: The Function of Each Cannabinoid in Your Blend

Updated: Jul 25

  • THC-O - longer term, header “tripper”, but lacks a good body high or initial punch

  • D8 - fast acting with some head and body high, but leaves something to be desired

  • HHC - Closest to D9 - feels a little sleepier and less body high/head high overall than d9, but closest to it for sure

  • CBG: Potentates, helps ya stomach

  • CBD: Calming, some argue it takes away potency (I disagree)

  • CBN: Potentate and sleep

  • CBNo: Potentate and sleep but takes longer to hit and hits harder

  • CBC: Potentate and Really cool and hard to explain synergy with other noids, hard to describe, but I like it alot

HHC, THC-O, D8 are the big 3 when it comes to everyday noids

THC-P and HHC-P are the ultra potent noids

Fav cnoids: CBG, CBN, CBNo, CBC, CBD

HHC is the most similar to regular d9, just lacks a little of the punch, and D8 and THC-O are meant to be used together imo. On their own they feel incompleate but together with some cnoids it's its own unique experience

For the best results, I recommend blending your cannabinoids together. Check out any of my blend guides to get started!


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